All our worked is done around the systems. Each system reinforce and share resources of each other. By working in systems we create sustainable impact, while making all our efforts effective and donations used for capability building only.

Beehives network

Beehives network is a self-reinforcing system that will make our vision, 1 billion bees in Balu by 2025, come true. It's a holistic service that will enable local villagers to acquire beehives with our original designs and receive stable income by collecting honey and selling honey back to us.

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Waste for food

Approximately 30% of all food is wasted in Bali and worldwide. However, we consider “waste” as a free , yet precious resource that can be used to power and sustain all interconnected systems. Our “Organic waste facilities” will create valuable products, that could be sold for money or used to incentivise right behaviour in other systems.

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To solve plastic crisis

Bali is ovewhealmed with plastic waste. Most of the plastic gets into the rivers and pollute the ocean. We're providing systemic sulutions and incentives to collect and recycle plastic.cycle plastic.

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