Our services

All our foundation’s activities are grouped in services led by separate teams. By applying service-driven architecture, we can scale our operations and coordinate more effectively.

01. Creating new beehives

Creating new beehives is at the core of our services. We build and inhabit new beehives every season to distribute them around the villages with a goal to improve the local environment and give local people additional income.

02. Beehive hotels

Beehive hotel is from 6-12 beehives put together. Selected villages with best ecological practices and environment can host a Beehive hotel. Our purpose is to create places where bees can flourish and create a culture of beekeeping.

03. Service and maintenance

Our foundation provides full material support to villages and public places chosen to host beehives. We regularly check the health of beehives, collect honey and give advice on creating a better environment, where colonies can grow.

04. Education

We provide free comprehensive education for anybody who’s willing to host a beehive and become a beemaster. We’re developing educational materials and host meetings to provide exchange of experience.

05. Marketing

All honey that is collected from our Beehives network is marketed under the brand “Divine Honey”.

We add value to honey, by adding a story. We tell consumers how the honey ,collected in Bali, is helping local people and the environment. All value is passed down to the villages and empowers growth for the network.

06. Eco certification

We provide eco-certification to commercial venues and villages. Our assessment is based on a list of deep-ecology methods and reflects the ability of a venue to sustain ecological equilibrium with an environment.

For businesses eco-certification is a way to show that you care about the environment. That could drive more attention from eco-conscious people.

Villages with eco-cerficiation gain access to additional resources that will reflect on the wellbeing of people and bring direct economic value.

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