Save the bees
Increasing population of Bees in Bali, by adding 1000 new beehives by 2022
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Rp 500000.00


This project is part of our continuous effort on building, inhibiting and distributing new beehives among selected villages. All new beehives will be placed on the map, which will show our progress. Every beehive will be monitored, serviced and checked regularly to ensure the well-being of the population. 

Each beehives includes:  
  • Building a box from a special kind of tree “Ylang Ylang” (Cananga odorata)

  • Placing the  beehive and attracting a queen. 

  • Planting new trees. For each 1 cut tree, we will be planting 5.

  • A budget for each village to improve the environment around the beehive.

  • Service and maintenance for the 1st year

This is a capacity-building project.

Once a beehive is successfully populated, it will generate steady income for the family. 

  • Each beehive will create permanent income for 1 family

  • Each beehive will create at least 3 new beehives.

  • Further service and maintenance will be fully covered by Foundation.

Why 1000 ?

Based on our “honey economy model”, 1000 is the number of beehives that will generate enough revenue to sustain steady growth of our network organically.  It will allow us to provide all essential services and materials to the beemasters, collect and distribute the honey. Our founding principle is to build self-sustainable systems that can support and develop by themselves.


Success Metrics

  • Building and populating 1000 new beehives

  • Give life to 2 Million Bees

  • Provide additional income for 250 local families


By sponsoring 1000 beehives, you will empower us to build a self-sustaining system that will generate enough revenue to add new beehives to the network over time. In 3 years, your donation will add 3000 additional beehives ,6M bees, and improve the lives of 750 families.


That means each 25$ you donate will feed 1 family for a lifetime.

Team members

Komang Suaka
Project manager

Made Ariana
Art director

Beehives manager

Anton Kumkov


Anton Kumkov

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