Bee Hotels
To create and populate Bee Culture in Bali.
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The bee hotel consists of 12-100 nesting boxes for bees and butterflies. Wild bees look for pollen and nectar within 200 metres of their nesting site. A 700 m2 field of wildflowers will provide sufficient food. The area will also feature sand and hills for bees that nest in the ground.

Beehive hotels will be placed in selected villages with best ecological practices and environment. 

Primary purpose of this project is to attract attention to the importance of protecting bees and the environment. Beehive hotels will become places of cultural significance where bees can flourish and become a reminder of the importance of taking care of nature and ecological systems

Our pilot project includes:

  • Design

  • Building and materials

  • Creating and experimenting with flowers best suited for the bees and environment.

  • 12 Beehives.

This is a pilot project

Pilot project's aim to to test our assumptions. It might require additional iterations and improvements, as well as additional resources in the future.


Success Metrics

  • 4 x Beehive hotels with a total of 40 beehives

  • Flower field

  • Space for meetings


Bees are essential to the environment and well-being of the whole society. By supporting this project you will empower Bee Culture in Bali and Worldwide. You will bring attention to the importance of nurturing bees and nature around the world.

Each hotel you build will give life to at least 350.000 beautiful beings, while social marketing campaigns will help us to bring attention to other projects and systems, empowering us to do more for the people and the environment.

To honor your impact, your name will be put on Commemorative Plaques, attached to the structure.

Team members

Komang Suaka
Project leader

Made Ariana
On-site coordinator


Anton Kumkov
Online coordinator


Anton Kumkov

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