About us

Bali Hive Foundation (Bali Sarang Lebah Yayasan) is a nonprofit organization, created in 2020 by a group of passionate people with a goal to create effective systems to support the environment, develop sustainable practices and improve people’s wellbeing.

Beehive serves as a great metaphor, showing the importance of collaboration and synergies in order to create beautiful things and solve complex problems.

Without doubt , Bali is a world’s treasure.  It’s one of the unique places where anyone can find peace and connection with nature. It belongs to the world and to all humans. Unfortunately, the tourist industry has hugely impacted the environment. In the last 10 years, most of nature has been lost and many ecoservices degraded. In a search for increased profits, many local businesses disregarded the importance of nature.

At the same time, local people mostly do not benefit from it. In many remote places, where nature still thrives, people live in extreme poverty. As a result of this imbalance, they’ve got even less motivation and possibilities to nurture the environment and ecosystems are destroyed at an even faster pace.

Bali is facing an immense ecological crisis that can lead to a loss of this beautiful place.

Current socio-ecological problems:
  • Polluted oceans
  • Polluted air
  • Plastics pollution
  • Contaminated water and soil
  • Destruction of underground water systems
  • Loss of biodiversity.
  • Extreme poverty

We cannot let this unique place be lost for humanity.
We cannot stand aside, looking at the destruction of nature.
We cannot let the local tourism industry continue to aggravate ecological problems.

We believe we can help local people and the environment to return to balance and build a sustainable future. We’re using systems to create effective solutions, to mitigate the impact of industrialization, unsustainable agriculture and pollution.

Our work:

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