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1 Billion Bees in Bali by 2025

2021 2025

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Our Systems

#1 Beehives network

We build holistic, self-sustainable service that will enable local people to create bee farms and create awareness of the importance of beekeeping.

#2 To solve plastic crisis

Through system-change work and interconnected relationships, we create incentives and provide resources for local villages to collect plastic that otherwise goes into the local rivers and the sea.

#3 Waste to food

To collect and turn organic waste into valuable resources, by utilizing a chain value-creation within the ecosystem.

Our Projects

Save the bees

Increasing population of Bees in Bali, by adding 1000 new beehives by 2025

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Bee Hotels

To create and populate Bee Culture in Bali.

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Our Principles

Building Capabilities

We create projects that will enable and empower local people to maintain further profitability and be self-sustaining.

Systems approach

We approach every objective with a deep understanding of actors, underlying structures, interests.


We build electronic tools, apps and incentives structures to facilitate better communication and exchange of value.

We build relationships

We use the power of collaboration and partnerships to create more effective long-term solutions.

Why Bees?

It is estimated that one third of the food that we consume each day relies on pollination mainly by bees Honey bees play an essential role in pollination of crops. Around 80% of the Bali crops depend on bees.

In short:

If there will be no bees - there will be no life on this planet.

Moreover, bees create a unique product that supports human health, immune system and makes a significant contribution to the sustainable income for the local villages.

Nevertheless, we are actively destroying their habitat, removing important elements of ecosystem that support their well-being and using toxic fertilizers that harm both bees and the environment.

Our Team

Anton Kumkov

Systems Creator

Made Ariana




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